Credit: Pawel Czerwinski, Unsplash

Just a mish-mash of awesome Bowie songs that deserve more attention…

This isn’t drugs. This is Andrew’s Salts (my favourite drink at the moment because I’m 90)

I dunno what this image symbolises. I just thought it was very cool. Credit: Unsplash (of course haha)

Surely life and death are completely opposite things? Actually, they’re so closely intertwined that one literally cannot exist without the other! What about if we started using the concept of death to make life decisions and as a motivational tool?

A cat hiding from a catcalling man (I needed a nice, cute pic because this post is about something horrible) Credit:

Credit: My very own cyst

Yes, I know, I look like a boy. I’ve heard it all before!

Beth Kennedy

Sporadic writings on gender, feminism, LGBTQIA+, addiction and music (the last two go hand in hand for me 🤣)

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